Tennessee Ernie Ford sings "Come On Down Lord Jesus"  


 Rita Williams "Prayer"

Scripture readings are below the Text!  


 Rita Williams "Part 1"


Rita Williams "Part 2"


 Rita Williams "Part 3"


 Rita Williams "Part 4"

 Rita Williams "Part 5"

 Rita Williams "Part 6"

 Rita Williams "Part 7"


  Rita Williams "Part 8"


  Rita Williams "Part 9"

  Rita Williams "Part 10"


  Rita Williams "Part 11"

 Rita Williams "Part 12"

 Rita Williams "Part 13"

 Rita Williams "Part 14"


 Rita Williams "Part 15"


 Rita Williams "Part 16"

 Rita Williams "Part 17"

 Rita Williams "Part 18"

 Rita Williams "Part 19" 


 Rita Williams "Part 20" 


Tennessee Ernie Ford sings "What A Friend We Have In Jesus"  

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